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Gold is a friend of freedom in the world of declining fiat currencies.

Those who have gold, always have money.

How to Save in Gold?

The highest purity and quality of gold for the lowest price in it’s class.

It’s packaged in small demominations like grams instead of ounces.

No mimimum purcahse required. Buy one gram at a time.

About Me

A post shared by Andrej Urek (@andrejurek) on

A post shared by Andrej Urek (@andrejurek) on

A post shared by Andrej Urek (@andrejurek) on

Hi my name is Andrej Urek and I used to be a school teacher. I believed everything I was told whan I was a kid so I lived my life going on a stadard average route.

Over time I realised that doesn’t really work for me so I decided to get out of my own way and find my entrepreneurial spirit.

I made a decision to invest in myself and create a different possibility for me and others. I educated myself on sales and marketing. This journey lead me to partner with an incredible company Karatbars International. Thier mission is to make gold available to everybody so we can create financial security in this uncertain economic times.

Remember gold has always been money and serves as a protection against inflation. The time is now and I believe it’s the best time to be alive.

It is my passion, duty and obligation to help as many people as possible and to change the economy of each individual I come in contact with.

It’s completely up to us to take advantage of this opportunity and create better lives. I am a Karatbars partner for over three years and I never looked back. I am looking forward to work with you and help you on every step.

Gold for Everyone


The gold is fixed in a two sided card with a matte finish for ultimate protection.


Produced by a LBMA accredited good delivery list, private refinery

Free to Join

Your account is free, there are no hidden fees. You can start right away.

No Required Inventory

If you recommed tother people and share this idea with others, you get paid. No need to have inventory in your home.


Commissions are paid both weekly and monthly on your Karatbars MasterCard. Commissions are earned based on purchases, rather then recruiting.

No Autoship

There is no minimum requirements or mothly obligations. You manage, maintain and direct your account.


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